- Model AT1320, AT1320A, AT1320B - Gamma Activity Monitors



Operating principle is based on analysis of pulse-height distribution from detection unit. Energy distribution parameters are processed in energy windows according to matrix method. Matrix method allows measurement of volumetric (specific) activity for monitored radionuclides based on energy windows count rate. Measurement results are displayed on Information processing unit (PU) screen in real time. Detection units of gamma activity monitors can be connected to PC.

Highly sensitive scintillation gamma activity monitors of spectrometric type are designed for measuring volumetric (specific) activity of 131I, 134Cs, 137Cs, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th radionuclides in samples.

Application software replaces Information processing unit functions and is used for controlling radioactivity monitor modes, measurement data display, spectra processing, electronic history logging and recording of measurement results.

  • Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
  • Potable water monitoring
  • Foodstuffs monitoring
  • Agricultural products monitoring
  • Mineral raw materials, construction materials, wood products monitoring
  • Product, raw material and waste monitoring in mining and oil industry
  • Radioactive waste and effluent monitoring in nuclear industry

  • Smart spectrometric probe
  • Internal continuous automatic LED stabilisation of gamma counter energy scale, calibration integrity monitoring and automatic calibration with integrated KСl sample
  • Memory function and automatic background subtraction
  • 'Energy Windows' algorithm is used for instrument spectrum processing
  • Recording and storing in memory up to 300 measured spectra
  • 20-second radiation control of mushrooms and berries in 10-litre packing box
  • PC with dedicated software can be used instead of data processing unit to provide documentation function
  • Methodological support of measurements

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