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Emergency Response Kits are equipped with all the critical elements needed to contain a spill within the first few minutes of a spill. There are four Emergency Response Kits of various sizes. Two are designed as vehicular spill kits (sp-15) ( sp-20) that easily fit behind or under a seat for quick access to contain a small spill within minutes. The other two are designed as industrial spill kits adequate for an emergency response team to contain a spill within the first few minutes.

Our popular Military Emergency Response Kit (sp-NG) is a modification of our standard 55 gallon Deluxe Emergency Response Kit. We were asked to develop an emergency response kit that meet all the requirements of the Mississippi National Guard. As a result, the Military Emergency Response Kit proved to meet the requirements of most military installations and is one of the most highly requested items of the military.

The type of absorbent placed in the emergency response kit can be modified for your specific need. Contact us for more information.

Below is a break down of each Emergency Response Kit.

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