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- Cellular Confinement System Channel Protection

High-flow (up to 9.0m/sec) protection for drainage ditches, swales and storm water channels.

The Geoweb channel protection system provides a wide variety of flexible protection treatments for open channels and hydraulic structures.

The system provides stability and protection for channels exposed to erosive conditions ranging from low-to-high flows either intermittent or continuous.

  • Greatly improves the hydraulic performance of conventional protection materials such as aggregate, rip-rap and vegetation by confining them within a cellular structure.
  • Can produce a flexible concrete slab for a low-friction armoured channel lining.
  • Can be designed for specific site conditions based upon compatibility with local environmental, ecological and aesthetic requirements, maximum anticipated flow and associated hydraulic stresses.
  • Surface roughness and hydraulic efficiency of the lining system can be changed to control flow.
  • Subgrade drainage requirements and deformation potential within the structure can be addressed.

Typical Applications

  • Swales and drainage ditches
  • Storm water diversion or containment
  • Process water channels
  • Spillways, down chutes, drop structures
  • Culvert outfalls
  • Intermittent or continuous/low to high flow channels

Perforations facilitate parallel slope drainage of the infilled cell. In saturated conditions, the removal of excess water increases infill friction, reducing down-slope sliding forces, resulting in a more stable system.

In vegetated systems, perforations allow roots to grow from cell to cell, creating greater vegetative stability against short-term hydraulic events.

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