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Gericke offers different pneumatic conveying systems. They may be used, depending on the task. Our product range covers every type of conveying system, dense phase or lean phase. The conveying systems differ in the gas velocity, concentration/load (μ = kg solid/kg gas) and the pressure range.

Pressure vessels/senders are used for dense phase conveying. The product may be conveyed in layers, dunes or plugs. The gas velocities are between 3 and 25 m/s. Performances of less l/h to 150 m3/h are possible and conveying distances up to 500 m.

Our lean phase conveying technology is used for coarse, fine powders, grains and granulates when throughputs are up to 50m3 and distances up to 100m.

Schematic feature of pneumatic conveying systems

Dense phase conveying (high pressure conveying)

The conveying with a single vessel is carried out discontinuously. The pressure vessel is filled first.  The filling level is determined either by a level detector or by weight signal. After that compressed air is fed into the system, which transports the product through the pipeline. After carried out batch conveying the procedure is repeated.

The continuous conveying can be carried out by using two pressure vessels. One sender will be filled while the other one is conveying.

Lean phase conveying (low and medium pressure)

For lean phase application usualy the product is feeded direct form silo via rotary valve into the conveying system. For quality controll in-line sifter can be placed directly in lean phase conveying lines.

  • Pressure vessel, resp. sender are used for the pneumatic dense phase conveying.
  • The product may be conveyed from drums, Big-Bags or sack tipping stations, silos to multiple receiving stations .
  • Depending on the task, either the plug conveying (PTA) or layers/dilute phase/dune conveying (PHF).
  • For the gentlest product handling with no segregation of fragile products the PTA system (plug conveying) is used. The system is also used to keep the wear and the gas consumption low.

Main uses

  • Conveying of spray-dried products
  • End products/mistures
  • Fragile materials
  • Oily powder
  • Granules
  • Minimizing the gas consumption

The PHF system (layers dilute/dense/medium phase/ dunes conveying) is basically used for difficult products, high throughput and long distances.

Lean phase conveyingsystems with rotary valves are used for economical applications where a continuous transport is needed.

Gericke conveying systems  are used in following industries

Gericke dense phase conveying systems with pressure vessel are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Automatic execution
  • Dense phase conveying
  • High conveying pressures (up to 4 / 6 bar g)
  • High product loading (up to μ = 120)
  • Long conveying distances (up to 500m)
  • Slow conveying = gentle and segregation free conveying
  • External air injection system possible
  • Long service life
  • No moving/rotating parts
  • Low gas consumption
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Efficient gas treatment and conditioning
  • Shock-resistant design applicable

Gericke lean phase conveying systems are economical solutions everytime if the conveyed product is easy to handle. The main advantages are:

  • Low investement costs
  • self contained system
  • simple design
  • easily extended
  • continuous conveying
  • usable with in-line sifter for screening

  • All Gericke pressure vessels are constructed and manufactured to the pressure devices regulation 97/23/EG.
  • The pressure vessels are available in carbon steel or stainless steel. (1.4571, 1.4541), other materials on request.
  • Available volumes are 20 l to 5'000 l.
  • Surface treatment either sandblasted, polished or painted.
  • Hygienic design for food, as well as robust designs for abrasive products available.
  • Versions 80°, 120°, 180° to max. 300°C.

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