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- Model CM - Batch Mixers


The GERMIX CM series batch mixers are high-speed colloidal mixers. By means of shear forces, cavitation and continuous circulation of the mix components they produce homogeneous, colloidally dispersed slurry. At first the liquid components and then the solid components are batched into a premixing vessel where the solid components are wetted and preliminary mixing takes place. The real mixing occurs in a high-speed colloidal mill. The mix components are accelerated and pressed against the inside wall of the mixing chamber where they form a material ring. This ring is continuously combed by the perforated mixing tools. In the process, the perforations act like nozzles, i.e. the material accumulates in front of the nozzle, is accelerated inside the nozzle and then slowed down again upon leaving it. This change in speed causes the solid material to be broken down into the smallest possible particle size, which is a prerequisite for high mix quality.

The plants can be supplied with a variety of equipment options and in different configurations. As for their mode of operation, the batch mixers fall into three groups:

  • Manual Operation: All operational functions, like the batching of the liquid and solid components, the mixing and the discharging are carried out manually by the operator.
  • Semi-Automatic Operation: The mix components are batched automatically, For this, the liquid and solid ingredients are weighed inside the mixer. The remainder of the functional sequence, i.e. mixing and discharging, are carried out manually.
  • Automatic Operation: The batching of the mix components and all other operational functions take place fully automatically.


  • The GERTEC type GERMIX batch mixers are especially designed for mixing liquids and powdery solids to produce homogeneous slurries. Owing to their straightforward and flexible design they are used in many fields of the construction industry.
  • Mixing of cement slurries for High-Pressure Grouting, Jet Grouting, Mixed in Place (MIP) techniques.
  • Preparation of slurries for the two-phase slurry trenches and cut-off walls.
  • Preparation of bentonite slurries for pipe jacking and shield tunneling lubrication.
  • Mixing of slurries for drill hole grouting in geothermy, piling.
  • Mixing of flocculants for separation.

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