Geerlofs Refrigeration b.v.

- Brush and Panel Doors



Isolated front sliding door-panels, sealed by brushes or rubber profiles at the wall and/or at the next door panel, An esthetic frame to finish the reveal, Robust door construction with aluminum frame, easy moving door under-rolling of upper-rolling rail


  • Sendzimir zinced plates of steel
  • Standard blue plastisol coating
  • Isolation core 120 mm Gisopanel polystyrene EPS 80
  • 4 mm anodized aluminum frame for brush door
  • 3 mm white muffled extruded aluminum frame for panel door blue finalizing strip at the panel door
  • Sealing by draught brush at the brush door
  • Sealing by door-rubber profile at the panel door
  • Under-rolling and upper-rolling rail
  • Plastic heck at the brush door
  • Steel heck at the panel door


  • Fire delaying type
  • Electronic control

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