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GP1 Compact Data Logger



The GP1 is a high accuracy 7 channel data logger. It can record data from 2 differential analog sensors, 2 temperature sensors (or 2 further single-ended analog sensors), 2 pulse counters and one Delta-T WET Sensor.

The GP1 offers a solution in a box, including: PC software, to program the logger and view and analyze data; a serial RS-232 cable, to connect to a PC; and a full-color printed guide that outlines how to connect sensors, how to use the software, and how to get up and running quickly.

An IP67, environmentally sealed weatherproof enclosure is included. The GP1 has an internal battery and extremely low power consumption. The 9V alkaline battery (provided) will typically last over one year, with 3 years typical for a lithium battery. This means low maintenance, without the need or expense of a solar panel or rechargeable batteries.

The GP1 can power sensors with configurable warm-up time prior to taking readings. Both switched power and a switched +5V reference is available for sensor powering.

Seven channel data logger

  • 2 soil moisture input channels
  • ML2 -SM200 -or voltage
  • 2 Temperature channels or single-ended analog voltages
  • 2 pulse counters
  • Smart relay control
  • >600,000 reading storage (typical)
  • Full configuration using PDA and Pocket DeltaLINK

Soil Moisture Applications

  • 2 soil moisture sensors (e.g. ThetaProbes or SM200's)
  • 2 temperatures (or 2 further SM200 Sensors)
  • 2 pulse counters (e.g. rainfall or water meter)
  • 1 WET Sensor
  • Tensiometer input option

Complete monitoring solution

  • Waterproof IP67 enclosure
  • PC software and serial cable included
  • Seamless importing of data into MS Excel
  • Configurable power-up time of sensors
  • Optional PDA solution to view and analyze data in the field

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