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Chloroprene: Neoprene (also known as chloroprene) is traditional rubber-type industrial tubing, which exhibits greater resistance to cracking than red rubber. It has a reasonable working temperature range and is therefore often used in low temperature environments or for the transport of high temperature liquids.

Neoprene offers good chemical resistance and is widely used for the transfer of air and liquids but not oils. It also exhibits good anti-ageing properties and high tear strength. Neoprene is relatively low friction tubing, with good abrasion resistance properties.

The material is industrial grade and contains no Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) as classified by the REACH environmental regulation.

  • Flexible
  • Tough
  • Good anti-ageing properties
  • High tear resistance

Temperature Range: -20 to +100°C

Sterilisations: Not recommended

Hardness: 50 Shore A +/- 5

  • More resistant to cracking than red rubber
  • Good temperature range
  • Good chemical resistance

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