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- Model 160H - Roto-Grind Shredder



The Granutech-Saturn Roto-Grind shredder is a single rotor shredder which utilizes a load sensing feed ram design to continuously supply (unattended) size reduced material for downstream processing. The Roto-Grind shredder uses a solid steel rotor with multiple cutters, adjustable stationary cutters, a large feed hopper and a horizontal feed ram to force feed materials into the rotor assembly. Materials are cut between the interface of the stationary and rotary cutters. A discharge screen is utilized to produce a sized particle, or to re-circulate oversized material to the feed chamber. The electric hydraulic powered Roto-Grind shredder is typically recommended when difficult-to- process materials are encountered and when additional rotor torque is required.

The “H” Series Roto-Grind includes a shaft mounted heavy-duty hydraulic drive motor. The hydraulic motor is powered by a proven, efficient, low maintenance hydraulic power unit including off-the-shelf readily available components. No belts, fluid coupling or mechanical gearboxes are required. Highly efficient production rates are achieved with instantaneous control of the feed ram in coordination with auto sensing of the rotor hydraulic pressure.


  • Shredder feed hopper opening 119 ¾” x 63”
  • Hopper volume 10 cubic yards Effective shredder opening 79” x 63” (between rotor and retracted ram)
  • Shredder dimensions 210 9/16” L x 116 ¾” W x 58 7/8” H
  • Hydraulic Power Unit 86” x 96” x 96”
  • Estimated weight 33,000 lbs.

Details: Shredder

  • Shredder horsepower 150 HP
  • Ram horsepower (hydraulic) 20 HP
  • Rotor diameter 20”
  • Rotor speeds 58 – 79 RPM
  • Rotor length 63”
  • Ram stroke 79”
  • Ram force 19,000 ft. – lbs.

Details: Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Electrical Power 480v/3ph/60hz
  • Hydraulic Flow 173 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure 3000 psi
  • Cooling (Air) 9800 CFM
  • Heating (Available) 1.4 KVA

Additional Features:

  • Shaft mounted hydraulic drive motor for additional rotor torque and minimal mechanical maintenance.
  • Variable flow open loop hydraulic power supply
  • Load sensing force feed ram with hydraulic power supply
  • Adjustable ram speeds (4), and adjustable ram pressure
  • Replaceable screen sizes (3/4” – 6”)
  • Stationary cutters with four useful and re-buildable cutter edges
  • Gravity, mechanical or pneumatic discharge options
  • Minimal operator labor requirement
  • Minimal installation requirement


Operator initiated pushbutton controls, featuring Allen Bradley PLC. Motor controls include primary disconnect with short circuit protection, full load contactors, and electronics overload detection. Control power derived from a single-phase transformer. All components assembled and wired in a NEMA enclosure.


  • Touch screen control panel
  • Shredder support stand
  • Special discharge chute
  • Material handling accessories (conveyors, pneumatics) for infeed and shredder discharge


  • Plastic hard scrap, film, and fiber
  • Organic fiber
  • Wood waste and/or pallets
  • Thin gauge aluminum sheet
  • Electronic scrap
  • Non-steel bearing rubber
  • Paper and Document Destruction

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