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The ultrasonic measuring system GreCon UPU 6000 detects inhomogeneities in panel-shaped materials, such as wood based panels, inline. Size and location of defective areas are recorded and visualised. Thus, defective panels can be identified and sorted out in time. The measuring method supplies reliable results for both thick panels of up to 55 mm thickness and light panels of a density of < 550 kg/m³. Depending on the required quality, different defect types, such as blows, that allow a graded quality sorting can be configured.

  • Fast and early detection of quality fluctuations
  • Realise optimisation potentials by visualising the effects of changes in the production process
  • With ct-frame: calibration, service and maintenance during running production
  • High availability with ct-frame and minimal maintenance expense
  • Warning of blisters
  • Optimisation of pressing times
  • Minimisation of production costs by optimising production and reduction of rejected material to < 1 %

Up to 24 inspection channels can be mounted on a steel frame. The closed frame concept protects all components, such as cable and air channels, transmitter electronics or compressed air lines, against surrounding environment. 

A modification of the roller conveyor (panel guidance) is only necessary in individual cases since the inspection channels have a maximum installation depth of 200 mm. Easily accessible inspection flaps allow access to the core of the measuring system at any time. Ceramic transmitters, which are installed below the material being measured, generate the necessary ultrasonic energy. The emitted ultrasonic signal penetrates the material. The receivers installed above the material receive and evaluate the ultrasonic signal. A hinged mechanism protects the receivers against damage or mechanical misalignment from big blisters.

The UPU 6000 has integrated blow detection for final quality control and sorting of the measured panels. If blows occur, their size and location is clearly represented. The defective panels are marked, and a signal is given to allow them to be identified for rejection. Different blow definitions allow a graded quality sorting.

With the quality of the measuring results dependent on consistent conditions during measurement, the GreCon Ultrasonic Measuring System is equipped with an adjustment function. The inspection channels can be checked and re-adjusted. The electronic adjustment can be conducted in panel gaps during the production.

Get the maximum out of your production with the process optimisation option. With this option, the resolution of the measured data is increased so that influences affecting the production process can be detected even faster.

The improved resolution of measured values requires a special method to adjust the inspection channels: A defined reference sample, which guarantees an exact adjustment is required for the resolution of 250 colours and placed between transmitter and receiver.

The system is equipped with an automatic dust accumulation control which is activated at predetermined intervals after calibration. This is done in the gap between two panels and does not disturb the measuring process. If the values of an inspection channel strongly deviate from the reference value, a warning signal is sent to the operator. If the degree of dust accumulation exceeds the limiting value, the next maintenance interval is indicated to the operator.

Using the high-resolution trend analysis calculation from the measured values, the plant operator is able to prevent the production of blister or blown panels. This way, the production of rejects can be avoided and the production speed increased. The signal detected by the ultrasonic receivers is influenced by changes in important process parameters, such as press factors, density or material moisture. These process parameters directly influence the quality of a panel.

To achieve continuous system availability, the UPU 6000 can be equipped with a ct-frame. This basic construction of the measuring system makes an installation after saws or in continuous productions possible. The system can be calibrated and adjusted at any time by moving the ct-frames sideways out of the production line. Maintenance, diagnostics and repairs can be conducted during production.

The mobile construction of the system allows for an escape run in the case of large blisters and prevents the measuring system from being damaged.

An extended range of transmitter and receiver components now allows the measurement not only of standard products of the wood based panel industry, but also of special products, such as wood based panels of a thickness of up to 55 mm at a normal density of 550 kg/m³.

The measurability of any panel-shaped material can be verified in our own test laboratory. After testing, you will receive an evaluation report showing the system‘s capabilities.

User-Friendly, Simple, Robust and Accurate

High availability, operational reliability and, above all, consistent measuring quality are ensured by the calibration with integrated self-diagnosis system and the construction of the system with a ct-frame. This leads to high confidence in the system and acceptance by the operator.

The automatic adjustment and integrated dust accumulation control ensure that measurements are independent of surrounding industrial environment. It is only a matter of an adjustment of each inspection channel that ensures a continuously reliable measurement. It ensures that the represented information is a reliable basis to regulate and optimise production processes. With the measuring conditions of the inspection channels remaining consistent, it is possible to go beyond a simple yes/ no statement and to optimise the process using the intelligent, newly developed parameters. The Bond Analyser System is equipped with an automatic adjustment process


To operate the UPU 6000 independent of surrounding environment, it is equipped with an automatic adjustment process to ensure that the UPU 6000 supplies precise measured values all the time. The fluctuations in surrounding environment are compensated for by fully automatic sensor adjustments. The highest possible resolution of 250 colours (process optimisation option) requires a high-precision method for adjustment using homogeneous calibration samples that are automatically placed between transmitter and receiver. This calibration method guarantees, for example, that rounds in the continuous press steel belt become visible in the ultrasound picture. The method fulfils highest requirements of ultrasonic detection to optimise production processes.

After the Press: In the wood based industry, ultrasonic measuring systems are combined with GreCon Thickness Gauges DMR 6000 and Board Scales to Quality Assurance Stations TRI. An optimum evaluation of the production process is achieved by measuring the cool panel. For this purpose, a UPU system is installed after the last cooling zone.

On the Sanding Line: For final quality control of the finished wood based panel, the UPU 6000 is installed after the sanding line.

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