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- Vane Axial Fans



For application requiring high airflow at static pressures below 6”, GSI offers vane axial fans in 12” diameter (1 hp) through 28” diameter (15 hp). Vane axial fans 18” and smaller use cast aluminum blades. Vane axial fans 24” through 28” use durable composite airfoil blades that are lightweight for easy starting and function well in this type of environment. The 12” through 28” (1-15 HP) units feature a 3450 RPM motor for increased fan performance and energy efficiency. Close fan blade tip clearance and straightening vanes provide maximum air flow and reduced turbulence to ensure smooth and consistent airflow. All 24” and 28” vane axial fans also include an inlet venturi which funnels air more efficiently into the fan. Venturis and grill guards are corrosion-resistant painted for longer life.

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