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The Jaw crusher is used as Primary and Secondary crushers for crushing all kinds of minerals and rocks with compressive strength less than 320 mpa. There are two types of Jaw crusher: coarse jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher. We also manufactures Mobile jaw crusher, Single toggle jaw crusher, and other Jaw breakers.

Jaw crusher, in short, we call it as JC. It is an early breakup equipment, because it has simple structure. It is strong, reliable, easy to maintain and repair. Besides, it costs less money of production and construction. Therefore, until now, it is still widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, power, transportation and other industrial sectors. It is mainly used for crushing all kinds of ores or coarse, medium and fine stones with compression strength of 147- 245 MPa. In order to meet the needs of crushing high strength and high hardness in metallurgical, mining, construction and other industries, GUIKUANG machinery has been investing a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to develop a new type jaw crusher with high efficiency and energy saving. Therefore, more and more new jaw crusher will be introduced. It is welcome to continue to pay attention to our factory.

The jaw crusher is mainly used for medium size crushing of the various ore and large pieces of materials. It is widely used in mines, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

The Operational Principles of Jaw Crusher

The operate mode of jaw crusher is curved extrusion type. The operational principle is that the motor drives the belt and the pulley to move the jaw up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the angle between the elbow plate and the moving jaw increases, thus it will push the moving jaw plate be close to the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the material is crushed or chopped, so the purpose is achieved; when the moving jaw descends, the angle between the elbow plate and the moving jaw decreases. Under the action of the pull rod and the spring, the moving jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the broken material has been discharged from the lower mouth of the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the moving jaw is crushing and discharging the materials for periodic movement to achieve mass production.

The Performance and Characteristics of Jaw Crusher

Advanced manufacturing technique

GUIKUANG jaw crusher is made of advanced materials with advanced manufacturing technique; it adopts finite element analysis technology. The equipment has higher working strength and helps to improve the production efficiency.

The bearing is durable

The bearing seat of the jaw crusher adopts the integral cast steel structure, which can guarantee the complete match with the broken frame, and greatly enhance the radial strength of the bearing seat. Compared with the crusher which has the same specifications, it has larger and more durable bearing. According to its higher bearing capacity and the effective sealed bearing, it will prolong the usage time greatly.

The quality of the moving jaw is reliable

The GUIKUANG jaw crusher has more advanced moving jaw assembly, which makes it more durable. The moving jaw assembly is made of high quality steel castings, and is driven by two large cast steel flywheels. In addition, the heavy eccentricity shaft also adopt the way of processing semi-finished product. All of these make the jaw crusher equipped with extraordinary reliability.

Convenient adjustment of discharging

The crushing chamber of the jaw crusher adopts the symmetrical 'V' shape structure, which makes the width of the actual feeding port consistent with that of the nominal intake port. So it is more quick and convenient to the adjust the discharging gate. The jaw crusher is also equipped with a wedge discharging gate adjustment device, which is simpler, safer and faster than the old gasket adjustment type.

The Price of Jaw Crusher

When customers buy jaw crushers, they need to paying attention to the performance and quality of the jaw crusher itself. Besides, the price of the jaw crusher is undoubtedly the customer's concern. Especially for the jaw crusher, which is produced by many different factories. So people need to be careful to buy it. As we know, the price of a jaw crusher is not cheap.The price of jaw crusher is influenced by many factors, such as factory, specification, quality, area, market demand and so on. Different jaw crusher manufacturers will produce products with different performance and quality. Therefore, when customers buy jaw crusher, they must purchase in the true manufacturers.

The Performance Characteristics of Jaw Crusher:

  1. Crushing cavity is deep and there is no dead area, which improves the feeding capacity and output.
  2. High reduction ratio and uniform final product size.
  3. The adjustment device of discharge-hole is reliable and convenient.
  4. Reliable and safe lubrication system, convenient replacement of parts and small workload of maintenance.
  5. Simple structure, operational reliability, and low operation cost.

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