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- Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Wastewater Treatment System


Reliable and cost-effective waste water treatment in suburban and rural areas is an issue in many parts of the US and around the world. This need is especially felt in developing countries. To solve this issue, Genesis Water Technologies has introduced a modular MBBR wastewater treatment system utilizing a combination of advanced aeration and specialized Mbio technology integrated with post treatment filtration and chemical free ultraviolet disinfection. The limitations and costs associated with a centralized waste water treatment approach in suburban and rural regions is progressively becoming a problem. Additionally, the power consumption, lack of extensive infrastructure funding, and specialized technical expertise required to construct, operate, and manage larger centralized facilities can create serious health issues for residents of communities if any issues were to occur.

The first step to solving these issues is to increase the efficiency of existing centralized conventional waste water treatment facilities in urban areas through redesign and retrofitting.

The second step is the expansion and implementation of decentralized modular sustainable waste water treatment solutions for municipalities, “green” community developments, hotels, industrial facilities, and work/settlement camps. This decentralized approach provides for flexibility, reliability, and cost efficiency, while maintaining treatment performance.

Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to solve these issues:

  • Redesigning and Retrofitting existing conventional activated sludge facilities integrating advanced (moving bed bioreactor) Mbio(tm) MBBR technology to address inefficiencies, increase performance, meet regulatory requirements and optimize operating costs.
  • Providing decentralized Modular waste water treatment solutions utilizing a combination of microbubble aeration with Mbio(tm) MBBR technology integrated with advanced filtration and disinfection post treatment.

Using a integration of advanced aeration with GWT Mbio MBBR(tm) technology, we are able to assist our clients in removing or significantly reducing the following:

  • BOD
  • TSS
  • Nitrification
  • Odors

GWT modular waste water treatment solutions are designed, engineered, built, and optimized to assist in solving our client’s wastewater treatment requirements. These Mbio MBBR systems can be utilized as part of a complete custom engineered solution or they can be used as a stand-alone sustainable decentralized waste water treatment solution.

Advantages of GWT Mbio sustainable modular waste water treatment solutions:

  • Modular Compact Design
  • Scalable
  • Easy to Operate/ Minimal Maintenance
  • Intense Biological Activity with No Biomas Recirculation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Increased treatment capacity and performance with integrated advanced vacuum microbubble aeration and Mbio technology.
  • Improved Settling Characteristics

In working with our clients and local sales, engineering and construction partners worldwide, GWT provides complete custom and pre-engineered integrated modular MBBR waste water treatment solutions to meet both domestic and industrial waste water challenges.

These integrated solutions have specific applications in the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Decentralized Wastewater Treatment for Hotels/Facilities, Camps, Community Developments
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Small Municipalities/Communities (Existing Retrofit and Decentralized)

Modular System Solutions available in 26,400 GPD (100 m3/d) / 52,800 GPD (200 m3/d).

These systems are scalable to accommodate larger treatment requirements to meet the specific treatment needs of the client.

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