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- Unique Advanced Natural Mineral Based Absorbent Medium


GWT Series Sorb-Zum is a unique advanced natural mineral based absorbent medium product. This product is an environmentally safe treatment solution for chemical and oil absorbing spill applications for facility spill cleanups, as well as marine spill remediation efforts. Sorb-Z medium is crystalline silica free and is nontoxic in both its used and unused forms.

The unique composition of this medium allows for absorption of many liquid spills including:

  • Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum Products

GWT Sorb-Z medium is a leading specialized absorbent that has powerful and effective absorption capabilities to stop or slow the spread of hazardous liquids or microplastics in a marine environment. It is also used to absorb chemical/oil spills on concrete and asphalt surfaces, simply by applying the media on the surface of the spill and sweeping up the spill contained media.

This product is a cost effective, environmentally safe product that can be disposed of in a typical land fill passing all TCLP tests.

Physical Properties

  • Density (lb/ft3): 50-55 Color: Grey-Green Appearance: Fine Powder

Conditions of Operation

Treatment Process:

Dependent upon spill application, the Sorb-Z medium is applied is a few different ways. The medium can be put into pillows/socks for absorption, poured loose from a container for concrete/asphalt surface spills indoors & outdoors, or spread by boat crane or plane for marine spills cleanup/remediation efforts.

The quantity of media used will be determined by the size of the spill to be cleaned up.

Sorb-Z medium can be used in the following applications:

  • Domestic & Household
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Transport
  • Food industry
  • Automotive/Mechanic Shops
  • Food industry
  • Emergency cleanup services
  • Marine spill cleanup

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