Kherson suction dredges factory “VVV-Spetstekhnika” (BBB ST)

- Model 1600/25-1-E - Hydraulic Dredger



Productivity оf the pulp: 1600 m3/h. Productivity оf the soil (hydraulic deposition of soil category 1): 225 m3/hour; 1800 m3 for the shift(8 hours). Dimensions: length 11 m, width 3,2 m, height 3,0m. Weight: 20 t. The hydraulic dredger is equipped with an arrow. Suction pipe length is 8 m.

  • Slurry pipeline: 100 m (including: 50 m of floating pipeline and 50 m of coastal pipeline), diameter of the pipeline: 319 mm.
  • Electric motor: DAZO4-450X-8U1  brand (capacity of 315 kWt, 750 rev/min).
  • Pump: GRAU 1600/25. Pump specifications: 12 inch/10 inch; soil outlet 20% per hour, hydraulic drop of water column– 25 m, maximum capacity – 315 kWt, rotation frequency – 750 rev./min.
  • The hydraulic dredger of this modification lifts the soil from the bottom of water basin of 1-7 m, the pushing through slurry pipeline is up to 500 m by horizontal.
  • Energy supply: coastal. Movement with the help of winches – 4 power units 2,2 kWt each.
  • The enterprise guarantees the operation of the equipment for 1 year or 1800 Moto hours.
  • Term of manufacturing is 3 months. Complete package of documents.

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