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The Exterran Heated Separator efficiently removes liquids from oil and gas streams while also introducing heat to protect production equipment, valves and pipelines from clogging due to the buildup of paraffin. Our standard unit is a horizontal three-phase separator equipped with an internal fire tube and is rated to handle higher pressures than a traditional heater treater, up to 500 psi.


  • Heat reduces paraffin buildup to keep your production flowing
  • Heat improves separation of water and oil
  • Gas dome allows for higher operating level inside vessel
  • Precision machined mist extractor boosts efficiency


  • Engineered lifting lugs for ease of installation and safety
  • Large inventory and quick delivery allow fast startup
  • Reduce downtime and maintain production with our proven pre-engineered design


  • Added assurance of a warranty that runs 12 months from startup or 18 months from delivery, whichever comes first
  • Prompt, professional service, support and spare parts from local technicians in or near every major oil & gas producing region in the U.S. and numerous areas around the world

The production stream first encounters the inlet diverter, which causes initial separation of gas from liquid. The diverted stream flows to the inlet head and around the firetube, where it is heated. As the stream travels the length of the vessel and firetube, the water descends to the bottom of the unit. The oil rises and flows into an oil bucket. As the gas rises into a gas dome, the mist extractor captures smaller entrained liquid particles before exiting the vessel for delivery. Water exits the bottom of the vessel to your storage tanks. Oil exits the bottom of the oil bucket to storage or further processing and gas exits the gas dome.

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