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- Model BDR 1600 - Heavy Duty Shredders



The versatile shredder BDR 1600 U / 2400 U and 2400 R are characterized by their robustness and the very high operating torque obtained by means of a 5 ton, disengageable flywheel. Fed by a grapple or a conveyor, it allows a large number of products to be reduced down to sizes of between 100 and 10 mm, depending on the grid used. Specially treated alloy steel cutting blades, the edges of which can be rotated 4 times as well as wear parts with simple shapes, guarantee a very low operating cost. The blade adjustment and the grid mounting system, means that there is minimal downtime needed for maintenance.

MTB’s very efficient Customer Service Department responds all inquiries quickly.

Our after the sale department will assist you with:

  • Refurbishing of any MTB equipment
  • Organizing any maintenance activities
  • Supplying all spare parts for our equipment

  • Cutting blades in specially treated steel
  • Cutting blades with edges which can be rotated 4 times
  • Same type of blades on the rotor and the frame
  • Patented protection of the rotor in case of blockage
  • Extremely simple mounting of the blades and grill

  • All types of cables
  • Aluminium profiles with steel inserts
  • Miscellaneous wastes (electronics, fibreglass, computer boards, telephone relays, etc.)
  • Tyres
  • Auto parts (radiators, bumpers, oil filters, catalytic converters, etc.)
  • Pulp
  • Light fractions of automobile shredding residues

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