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- Ashless Cellulose & Carbon Impregnated Filter Paper



Ashless Cellulose Filter Paper such as the Whatman 41 series is commonly used in quantitative analytical techniques such as gravimetric analysis. E.G.: To convert precipitate to a stable weighing form, a chemist may wish to ignite the filter paper containing collected precipitate in a pre-weighed crucible, thereby removing the filter paper with minimal and uniform residual “ash”. Cellulose paper is also commonly used for smears or swipes. Cellulose paper is not recommended with pumps that can’t overcome large pressure drops (e.g. battery operated centrifugal type) or, where required, to maintain a constant flow rate over the entire sampling period.

Whatman, Grade 41: 20-25μm.
The fastest ashless filter paper, recommended for analytical procedures involving course particles or gelatinous precipitates (i.e., iron or aluminumhydroxides). Also used in quantitative air pollution analysis. Cellulose paper is also commonly used for smears or swipes.

Carbon Impregnated Filter Media.
Carbon impregnated cotton fiber filter media contains 50-55% Carbon by weight. Basic Weight is 130 lbs./3000 ft2. The paper is available in all standard die sizes and is generally used to qualitatively determine the presence of Iodine in a sampling environment. The paper resists most dilute acids (not suitable for warm alkaline solutions).

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