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- Model Asbest - High Efficiency Breathing Protection Mask



CA Asbest unit attached directly to the full face mask. CA Asbest unit worn on the belt and connected to the mask by a hose.

Extra lightweight, compact and small powered respiratory device originally developed for workers manipulating with asbestos. The complete set with the fullfacemask and a high-efficiency particle filter meets professional requirements: TM3 protection, sufficient level of airflow and decontamination feasible by water shower.

A particle filter is able to separate toxic and non-toxic particles, solid and liquid aerosols with the efficiency of P3 level.

Protective fullface mask:
Based on ergonomical design and made of silicon rubber for the maximum wearer comfort. It is equipped with two exhalation valves and a panoramic visor. Five straps elastic harness made of rubber ensures good fit to the face.

It deliveres the stream of air into the fullface mask and thus reduces the breathing resistance which is particulary welcome for users who need to wear a mask for longer periods. Compact design of the unit and the quality sealed construction allow shower decontamination. The unit is powered by an exchangeable Li-ion battery which runs for more than 5 hours and can be recharged in less then 5 hours. The whole system is easy to clean and maintain.

A choice of the unit positioning
mounted directly to the fullface mask • carried on a rubber belt and connected to the mask via a hose

  • Flow rate, minimum : 1601/min
  • Weight incl. filter and battery : 385 g
  • Filter:
    • type : PSL
    • filter efficiency : min. 99.998 % (corresponding with P3 class)
  • Battery:
  • type : Li-Ion 7.2V/2.20Ah (less than 5 hours)
  • lifetime : 500 charging cycles
  • Operating duration : 5 hours
  • Ingress Protection (IP) : IP65
  • Classification : EN 12 942 TM3 PSL
  • Nominal protective factor : 2000

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