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- Model HF - High Flow Relative Humidity Generators



The HumiSys HF RH generator employs divided-flow (split-flow) technique and utilizes two mass flow controllers for fast response. In the main mode of operation, one RH probe is used for RH control and is usually placed inside the user chamber. The second (optional) RH probe can be placed at any user-defined location for verification of RH and temperature uniformity. In cases where RH probe cannot be installed inside the user chamber, a miniature RH probe can be placed inside the HumiSys HF generator and the temperature of the user chamber can be monitored by the (optional) temperature probe (RTD based).

  • Two mass flow controllers (MFC) – fast response
  • Large range of flow range – up to 50 L/min (typical MFC ranges)
  • RH from 0 to 100%
  • Saturator temperature up to 95C for extended temperature models
  • One or two digital RH probes (RH and temperature data)
  • External temperature probe (RTD based)
  • Can accept additional sensors (05VDC)
  • Automatic water supply system
  • Heated transfer hose
  • Models for higher pressure e.g. 20 psig are available.
  • Precision pressure regulator and gauge
  • Open design for easy interfacing with other equipment
  • Auto/Manual operation
  • USB or serial port for data transfer
  • Windows based software for experiment design and control.
  • (Our software is compatible with 64bit Windows® system)
  • Very low cost

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