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High Heat Liners


Autoclave Liners and Medical Waste Handling and Other specialty Applications: Ever melted those cheap liners and bags when autoclaving? Is cleaning your messy autoclave carts a bother? Protect your investment! Get Bondtech's high heat and easy to install 'PRO-TECH' liners for your autoclave carts or other high temperature lining purpose.

The Bondtech 'PRO-TECH' liners provide several advantages to enhance your operation:

  • Extend the life cycle of every cart utilizing the 'PRO-TECH' liner.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your dumper by dumping the treated waste easily.
  • Enhance perception of clean/safe operation: Maintain carts free of debris.
  • Eliminate a potential source of nuisance odors.
  • Eliminate labor required to periodically remove waste debris from carts.
  • Consistent full capacity utilization - eliminating waste build-up inside carts.
  • Reduce occupational exposure, potential injuries related to cleaning waste from carts.

Bondtech's 'PRO-TECH' liners are custom made to meet our customer specifications. This means you get the size you need.( Gauge, printed or un-printed, temperature strips, color, etc. are optional features).

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