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High-Level Control by FuzEvent


High-level control of an industrial process may be defined as control strategies which follow a control scheme that takes its starting point from the way a human operator would control the process. This means that high-level control strategies include elements like: Control rules Event scheduled control actions, Control action explanations

Dublix Engineering is focusing on development, installation and maintenance of high-level control algorithms in close co-operation with the customer. A high-level control project can only be successful if the end user takes part in the project from the very beginning, and if the plant builds its own expertise in high-level control. In addition, it is crucial that the potential benefits and the expectations to the results of the high-level controller are revealed in beforehand, e.g. through a qualified feasibility study.

A high-level control project starts and ends with the customer, and Dublix Engineering is the company which is dedicated to guide the plant through this process. Dublix Engineering possesses high-level control expertise, project experience, a long tradition of approaching a control problem as a high-level control task, and finally, Dublix Engineering has the most dedicated tool for implementation of high-level process optimization algorithms.

The Dublix Engineering tool is named FuzEvent, which indicates that the control philosophy is based on control actions on events, and that the theoretical basis for evaluation of the control rules is the theory of fuzzy sets.

FuzEvent is a software tool for process optimization through high level control. A FuzEvent control strategy helps the process operator to produce better operation of the process in terms of higher throughput, less consumption of materials and energy, better product quality and less emission of hazardous waste product to the environment.

FuzEvent is a dedicated tool for making control strategies rather than for making controllers. The basic control philosophy of FuzEvent is to use knowledge about manual control of the process as the starting point for design of an automatic control strategy. Like the experienced operator, the FuzEvent system is set to operate in due time and when the process behavior has shown maximum information about its previous behavior.

FuzEvent is an open software system, which enables the end user to maintain and further develop the control applications. The system enables on-line modifications, and the configuration of control applications does not require extensive programming knowledge. Much more important the programming background is the process knowledge and control experience. FuzEvent, in other words, is a tool for the process operator specialist rather than a tool for programmers.

The functions include:

  • Predefined high level control algorithms
  • Control action timing
  • Control action log for easy investigation of control performance
  • Control algorithm properties like gain factors, accumulated actions, On/Off logic
  • Trend calculations of important process behaviour

The priority system of FuzEvent makes it possible to link the defined control elements into a priority network. The idea is to build a control strategy, which is composed of a number of individual control components (called EventX´s) that automatically are activated when a special process situations for this eventX is detected. If control components or EventXs are in conflict, it is possible by using the priority system to specify which control components are more important that other components. In this way the design of control with FuzEvent apply the same method as the experienced operator use.

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