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Model DC Series - High Output UV Duct Cleaners



Tested and proven performers DC In-Duct UV Air Purifiers consist of four or two high output ultraviolet lamps, ballast and accessory assembly, providing architects and engineers with a complete duct cleaner to meet all requirements. The DC UV systems are manufactured in different series for commercial and industrial installations. All DC UV air cleaners include voltage specific units for 120/277V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz. Individually or in combination with like units and/or Coil Clean (CC) UV disinfection systems, the DC in-duct UV air cleaners adapt to HVAC and exhaust systems.

The DC UV air purifiers can be installed during or after construction by cutting a small hole in the duct wall for UV lamp insertion and fastening the transformer section to the exterior wall surface. The UV air purifiers mounting surface features an airtight gasket. A simple support bracket for the UV lamps is available for large plenum chambers.

DC In-Duct UV Air Purifiers play an important part in preventing the spread of indoor airborne infections. Tests reveal that the disinfected indoor air can have a microbial count lower than that of outdoor air. UV Duct Cleaners have proved necessary in food plants, pharmaceutical production, hospitals and laboratories.

In-Duct UV Applications:

DC45 Series - Large Duct Heavy Commercial, Industrial Installations
DC33 Series - Large Duct Commercial, Industrial Installations
DC24 Series - Medium Duct Commercial, Light Industrial Installations
DC16 Series - Medium Duct Light Commercial Installations
DC14 Series – Small/Medium Duct Light Commercial Installations

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