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pulseEKKO® GPR systems provide unparalleled performance with a wide-range of frequencies for applications ranging from deep mineral exploration and glaciology to high-resolution geotechnical investigations and concrete imaging.

pulseEKKO® is designed to meet the needs of GPR professionals, addressing many GPR applications.

  • The operating bandwidth is selectable from 12.5 MHz to 1000 MHz to optimize the spatial resolution required by target size and exploration depth.
  • The fully bistatic design enables variable antenna offsets and orientations for advanced survey types such as multi-offset, transillumination and multi-polarization.
  • Low system noise paired with high-accuracy digital acquisition directly at the receiving antenna results in unprecedented depth of penetration.
  • Many deployment configurations are available for practical field operation.
  • Data are acquired in Sensors & Software’s industry standard file format for analysis with a range of processing and visualization software products.

  • Geological stratigraphy: Profile subsurface stratigraphy, structure and the bedrock surface
  • Mining & Quarrying: Detect changes in rock type, fractures, faults and joints for safety and resource development in underground mines
  • Geotechnical & Environmental: Map depth to bedrock, detect sinkholes, locate underground storage tanks (USTs) as well as septic systems, drainage systems on golf courses and farms
  • Forensics & Archaeology: Law enforcement uncover buried caches of drugs, money, weapons and clandestine graves. Archaeologists image underground artifacts, tombs and the foundations of ancient structures
  • Glaciology, Ice & Snow: Measure the thicknesses and image the internal structure of glaciers and ice sheets for polar ice-cap and climate change research. Measure snow depth for water resource management and ice thickness for ice road safety.
  • Structure assessment: Assess the interior of concrete and pavement for asset management and maintenance planning

The digital video logger (DVL) has a high-resolution, sunlight-visible, touch screen and an intuitive user interface for efficient data collection. Easily adjust survey parameters including survey type, time window, step size, and stacking to optimize your GPR survey. For advanced surveys, easily control the antenna geometry and triggering method.

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