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- UltraFine Bubble Aeration System


The HiOx® Messner® Aeration Panel provides the most efficient aeration system solutions to our clients. The highest quality materials are used to ensure long-lasting, superior performance in nearly any wastewater medium. The HiOx Messner Aeration Panel uses a frame and support base of 316 stainless steel to support a TPU polyurethane membrane. This high-strength membrane provides longer useful life than other commonly used materials, as demonstrated by multiple installations in continuous service for over 15 years! The product produces an ultrafine bubble to efficiently transfer oxygen from compressed atmospheric air into activated sludge aeration systems. The large surface and rectangular shape provide the capability to maximize diffuser area, enhancing bubble contact and oxygen transfer efficiency. High quality polyethylene air piping and fittings provide reliable air supply and ease of installation.

Simple air flexing keeps the HiOx® UltraFlex membrane panels clean and operating at peak efficiency for years. Operators can fine-tune the air distribution in the aeration basins to best match the plant’s specific and/or changing needs. Each small group of panels (generally one or two) is typically supplied with an individual air feed system designed to allow maximum flexibility in operation and maintenance. Individual panels can be isolated from the system and repaired during regular scheduled maintenance.

HiOx panels can operate in a wide range of air flux rates from 0.5 to 3 SCFM/ft2, and can handle variable loads. The high strength polyurethane membrane provides longer useful membrane life compared to other fine bubble diffusers.

The HiOx UltraFlex Aeration System employs a fraction of the diffusers typically required for fine bubble systems. Fewer diffusers translate into less piping. One HiOx panel is equivalent to 60 of the 9” disc diffusers. It takes less than four man-hours to completely install one HiOx® panel, which is only half the time to install 60 disc diffusers. In a new plant, smaller blowers and reduced air piping provide significant savings. For plants already using traditional fine bubble diffusers, it is generally easy to add significant treatment capacity simply by switching to HiOx UltraFlex panels without the need of additional basins.

The Control System for HiOx can be as simple or as sophisticated as required to ensure the HiOx® UltraFlex system delivers the exact amount of oxygen for the most efficient operation. The system can also be designed for expansion. The standard HiOx® panel is available in 4’ width x 12’ length with an option of 4’ width x 10’ length for retrofit applications.

HiOx® provides the capability of a lift-out system when it is not possible to drain the basins during retrofits. This provides the flexibility in retrofitting applications where redundant basins are not available.


  • 1 mm ultrafine bubbles
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Standard aeration efficiency up to 13 lbs.O2/kW-hr
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight
  • Wide flux rate range
  • Up to 55% effective floor coverage
  • More than 10 years of effective membrane life
  • Easy maintenance


  • Low installation cost
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • High energy savings

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