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Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation

- Household Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Products



Reduce cleaning times. Safer products reduce employee injury rates. Lower the use cost of cleaners through higher dilution rates. Simplify cleaning and reduce waste and overuse of cleaners. Reduce costs by reducing the number of different cleaners needed. Improved slip resistance can lower insurance costs by reducing incidences


  • IMPROVED SLIP RESISTANCE - Does not leave a residual film on floors, countertops and other hard surfaces, unlike competitive alkaline cleaners
  • The left side shows build-up in porous grout lines in an institutional kitchen that had been using an industry leading, so-called 'enzyme' cleaner after several years of use. The right photo shows how one cleaning cycle with Accell Clean® Floor Cleaner eliminated much of the build-up in the pores. Such build-up, many times not visibly noticeable, can be the source of persistent odors and unsanitary conditions. Even in bathrooms our patented technology cleaners can eliminate persistent odors after only a few days of use, if not immediately.
  • PENETRATES DEEP INTO PORES TO REMOVE CONTAMINANTS, oils, greases better than other cleaners eliminating the source of persistent odors, the bacteria, that build-up in porous surfaces
    • Improves cleaning efficiency over caustic cleaners, while using near-neutral pH products.
    • REMOVES ODORS immediately in customer section, bathrooms, garbage cans, rancid food, etc.
    • Keeps On Working in drain lines to REMOVE BIOFILM (slime), a source of odors and corrosion
    • Stain removal from carpets and fabrics

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