- Abrasive Handling Pumps for Spray Drying


Chemical compounds of all types exist in powder form. A common manufacturing process for these products is to produce a liquid slurry based on the ingredients and then run it through a 'dryer'. As the liquid is evaporated, the fine chemical powder remains. These slurries are extremely abrasive and often need to be pumped at high pressures. The seal-less Hydra-Cell® abrasive handling pump is perfectly suited for pumping abrasive fluids such as: alumina, ceramics, aluminum oxide, clay slip, baking soda, sodium silicate, calcium phosphate, tungsten carbide, and laundry detergent to name a few.

  • The seal-less nature of the Hydra-Cell abrasive handling pumps enable charged and dirty liquids to be processed without need for fine filtration to protect the abrasive handling pump.
  • The Hydra-Cell abrasive handling pump needs little maintenance and can operate at continuous duty at high pressure.
  • Pulsation is low, so dampeners may not be required for most Hydra-Cell® abrasive handling pumps.
  • Hydra-Cell® abrasive handling pumps can handle solids up to 500 microns, or more. They can be pumped without fine filtration. System costs are reduced and maintenance is simplified.
  • Most abrasive handling pumps in the Hydra-Cell® abrasive handling pumps range can operate at any pressure from
  • Seal-less design distinguishes the Hydra-Cell® abrasive handling pumps from other abrasive handling pumps and is the basis of its long service life - many of the liquids pumped are harmful to pump seals. The Hydra-Cell® abrasive handling pumps are tolerant of small solids, resistant to chemical and corrosive attack.
  • Energy savings. Compact and highly efficient (80-85%), a Hydra-Cell® reciprocating pump can be fitted with a smaller motor than would be required by many much bigger reciprocating pumps for equivalent flows and pressures.

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