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Hydro Tape


Applications Where uniform and reliable application of water, fertilizers and chemicals is important. Used for trouble-free subsurface drip irrigation of vegetables, fruits and flower beds. Strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic are some of the major row crops grown using Hydro Tape.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly turbulent and flexible secondary chamber keeps flow path clean and allows high emission uniformity.
  • Uniformity saves fertilizers, chemicals and water and increases profit.
  • Outlet opens outward only and closes shut on flow path ridges obstructing suction of foreign particles and root intrusion.
  • Inlet filters and turbulent flow make it highly resistant to plugging, making it most reliable.
  • Made with highest quality polyethylene resins for added strength and resistance to UV rays and chemicals. Reduced chance of damage saves time and labor.
  • High uniformity with low coefficient of variation (Cv < 0.05).

Installation Recommendations

  • Determine proper outlet spacing and flow rate of Hydro Tape™ based on agronomic and hydraulic calculations.
  • Analyze the irrigation water quality and decide on the correct type and level of filtration.
  • Installation should be done using a seamless tube and correct type of shank for the above ground or subsurface installations.
  • The Hydro Tape™ is installed subsurface or aboveground as needed with the outlets always facing up. Subsurface installation improves water distribution, reduces evaporation, runoff and damage from animals and cultural practices.
  • After subsurface installation, it should be pressurized to detect any leak during installation which will show when the soil is dry and capping of the soil surface which may reduce flow rate.
  • Before operating the system, make sure that the filtration system has been prepared pro back-flushing interval has been set.
  • Fill the system slowly to avoid water hammering; and flush out mains and submain lines thoroughly before connecting the Hydro Tape™ lines to assure even distribution of water.
  • The air release and vacuum relief valves are recommended to be installed at all required locations.
  • Never operate a system at higher pressure than various system components are rated for and also higher than recommended Hydro Tape™ pressure.


  • We recommend 150-mesh (100 microns) filtration. For surface water, sand media filtration system is most recommended. However, depending on quality of surface water, i.e., amount and concentration of algae, micro-algae, organic and inorganic contents, other filters such as disk filters may be used. For subsurface ground water, screen or disk filters, sand separators as well as sand media filters may be used depending on contents to be filtered.
  • Regular back-flushing of all filters is a must for proper filtration level to be achieved. Automatic back flushing at required interval is best for drip irrigation. Back-flushing interval should be based on filtration requirement, flow rate, sediment, organic and inorganic content load (concentration) which changes during the season. Success of manual back-flushing is dependent on reliability and experience of the operator.
  • Secondary filtration systems upstream of a zone valve adds another layer of protection and also saves the field irrigation components and crop in case the distribution line breaks.

Fertigation & Chemigation

  • Hydro Tape™ is a reliable means to apply chemicals and fertilizers with the irrigation water.
  • It is advisable to use high quality soluble fertilizers and chemicals.
  • The injection system should be installed upstream of the filtration system to filter out the insoluble particles.
  • The sequence of operation for fertigation should be: (1) Pressurize the system and run for 15 to 30 minutes, (2) Introduce fertilizers through injection system (3) Flush out system for 15 minutes through the line ends to ensure all fertilizers have been distributed and the lines are clean.
  • Fertigation is best when applied frequently and in small quantities so the plant root can utilize the fertilizers efficiently.
  • All plant, soil and water characteristics must be considered for fertigation and chemigation. We recommend to consult with a specialist before applying fertilizers and chemicals.

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