Hydro Tur

Hydro Tur

- Wastewater Evaporator System



Evaporators; These systems are used in cases where the treatment of wastewater with chemical and biological methods is insufficient. The principle of operation is based on the purification of wastewater by evaporation and reconditioning. It can be used for the purpose of wastewater disposal or to produce pure water. In the capacity calculations, the amounts of all waste of the enterprise must be determined correctly. In equipment design, side equipment such as vacuum pumps are used to minimize energy costs for the customer's needs. It is very easy to use and maintain and does not require any extra chemicals.

Evaporators are often used to obtain drinking water on ships. The reason why it is preferred in this sector compared to reverse osmosis systems is that the ship sails in different salinity and temperature waters as a route and RO design cannot be optimized accordingly.

Another advantage over RO is that as boiling takes place at a lower temperature than usual, scale formation is less on heat exchanger surfaces.

  • There is no connection to sewage, due to zero wastewater discharge.
  • Since the treated water is distilled water, it can be reused in the enterprise.
  • It provides you to reduce your waste costs by concentrating harmful wastes.
  • It is easy to operate and does not require staffing.
  • Operating cost is low.
  • It provides the recovery of precious metals used in surface treatment lines (gold, silver, platinum, etc.).
  • The image of your company increases due to your sensitivity to the environment.

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