Hydrocyclone Systems


Separation of starch, sand and other settling solids from waste water and process water by means of centrifugal forces.Efficiency.The efficiency of the hydrocyclones is depending on the solids density, liquid density, feed pressure, etc.

  • 0 to 180 m³/h

  •     Systems with integrated bow screen or drum screen for pre-filtration (separation of coarse particles)
  •     Custom-made hydrocyclone systems
  •     Etc.


REKO hydrocyclone systems are mainly used for the separation of sand and starch in the following processes and industries :

  •     Vegetable and fruit processing industry
  •     Potato (starch) processing industry
  •     Sugar industry
  •     Shellfish processing industry
  •     Horticulture industry
  •     Textile industry / laundries
  •     Paper and pulp industry
  •     Waste recycling industry
  •     Etc.


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