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The HyPURE Multimedia filtration system is a compact, robust and economical solution designed and manufactured by Hydroflux. With nearly 50 systems in operation or under construction since inception, the HyPURE multimedia filtration is setting a new standard for filtration systems.

Pressurized media filtration provides a simple solution to treating raw water and waste water to remove fine particulates, colloidal solids as well dissolved organics and heavy metals.

Pressurised Media filtration involves the use of a pressure vessel, filled with media specifically selected for the treatment application.

Hydroflux offer a wide range of vessel designs and materials including stainless steel and painted mild steel. The most commonly utilised material is fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).

Unlike most filtration system suppliers, Hydroflux manufactures it’s own FRP vessels. This key advantage allows Hydroflux to supply superior solutions for the toughest filtration applications while still providing our clients with the lowest total lifecycle cost for the project.

Hydroflux HyPURE range of multimedia filtration systems utilise advanced, in-house designed and manufactured pressure filtration systems to treat fine and colloidal solids, as well as some dissolved species from water.

Media filtration use several different physical process to remove fine and colloidal particles form suspension. The process consists of a pressure vessel, filled with different media types which are specifically selected for the particular process.

Hydroflux offer a wide range of media options for variety of applications, which are discussed in more detail here. The filtration vessels can be manufactured from fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), painted mild steel or stainless steel.

The first step of the filtration process infolves raw or waste water entering the pressure vessels through a set of top mounted diffusers. The diffusers disperse water inside the vessel, ensuring a uniform downflow velocity through the vessel.

Once the water is dispersed within the vessel, it flows down through the media bed. Hydroflux custom designed vessels allows flexibility in bed depth without reducing free-board above the vessel, which is key to effective backwashing. The typical bed depth is 800mm – 1200mm, but deeper beds can also be provided for special activated carbon adsorbtion and desalination calcite remineralisation processes.

As water flows through the bed pollutants are removed through several physio-chemical processes, including size exclusion (filtration), adsorption and cake formation within the bed. Biological degradation of pollutants can also occur in some filters, although in many cases this is not desired due to the sloughing of bacterial colonies into the treated water and reduced filter run-times. Hydroflux understand the challenges of biofouling within filtration beds and offer simple solutions for maintaining the integrity of the filtration media.

The filtered water is collected by a bottom nozzle plate, which prevents media from escaping in the treated water. The filtered product is typically directed to a filtration tank which provides a reservoir for the backwash process. In some instances it is possible to backwash without the use of filtered water.

Hydroflux HyPURE systems used advanced automation for the control of the backwash cycle to minimise unnecessary backwashing during periods where the solids loading in the feed water is low. This is particularly advantageous in biological wastewater recycling, where changes in upstream conditions can lead to volatility in the solids and organic content entering the filters.

For most HyPURE applications, Hydroflux will also provide an air scour as part of the backwash cycle. Dedicated air scour blowers are provided to enhance bed cleaning and prevent rat-hole formation.

Hydroflux HyPURE range of multimedia filtration systems utilise advanced, in-house designed and manufactured pressure filtration systems to treat fine and colloidal solids, as well as some dissolved species from water.

Hydroflux customised solutions mean we can tailor the process to suit our clients specific requirements.

It also allows us to service a wide range of applications, including:

  • Industrial and Municipal wastewater recycling
  • Process water production from surface or bore supplies
  • Potable water production from surface or bore supplies
  • Groundwater remediation through filtration and activated carbon adsorption
  • Heavy metal oxidation and filtration with manganese greensand
  • Commercial and recreational water treatment
  • Desalination Permeate remineralisation with calcite

Hydroflux also offer a wide range of media types depending on the specific application, these include:

  • Crushed Glass Media
  • Glass Pearl
  • Silica Sand
  • Garnet
  • Anthracite
  • Activated Carbon
  • Manganese Greensand
  • Birm
  • Calcite

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