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A Belt Filter Press is used for industrial wastewater treatment plant sludge dewatering. The belt press often proves to be one of the most cost effective dewatering options and has an advantage of incorporating an integrated thickening process to allow dewatering of very dilute slurries to form a spadable cake.

Belt presses have been widely accepted in industry due to their simplicity and ability to treat very high volumes of sludge and can be used to treat primary sludge from a DAF system or clarifier, secondary biological sludge or a combination of both.

The belt press works by introducing flocculated sludge into a gravity zone where free water is allowed to drain thus reducing the volume of slurry to be dewatered. This thickened slurry is then squeezed between 2 belts under high pressure to produce a spadable cake.

In industrial applications, a belt filter press will generally dewater primary DAF sludge to between 20-30% and up to 15% DS for Waste Activated Sludge

The first stage of dewatering in a belt press is chemical conditioning. This is usually achieved by dosing a polymer into a flocculation zone upstream of the belt press. The flocculant will bind the sludge particles into larger flocs which are thicker and easier to dewater in the press.

The conditioned sludge is then transferred onto the gravity drainage section of the press which allows free water to drain through the belt thus considerably reducing the volume of sludge to be dewatered.

After the gravity drainage stage the slurry is transferred into the dewatering zone where it passes between conveyor belt driven sets of rollers that apply shearing to the slurry. The dewatering zone combines low and high pressure sections to ensure as much water as possible is squeezed out of the slurry and the resulting cake is in a spadable form.

The resulting sludge cake is removed from the belts using mechanical scraper blades prior to being discharged into a storage bin or conveying system.

The Hydroflux Belt Press offers several advantages over other dewatering systems:

  • Operational requirements are relatively low
  • Maintenance is relatively simple and can usually be undertaken by a non- specialised maintenance team
  • Start up and shut down is quick and simple
  • Noise levels are low

A Belt Press can be used for dewatering primary or biological sludge from virtually any industrial applicaiton including:
  • Meat Industry
  • Poultry Industry
  • Breweries & Wineries
  • Juice Plants
  • General Industry
  • Heavy Hndustry
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Vegetable Industry

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