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- Hydrophobic Membrane


Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane is a kind of new environmentally polymer  material made of PTFE by dual-direction stretching process. It has development potential in various fields. It is a microstructure of 'micro fiber - node', with the minimum micro pore as small as 0.1um and large up to 5 um, and the porosity is as high as 95 %. Along with more studies of the ePTFE membrane with excellent waterproof and dustproof and breathable properties, ePTFE membrane will be more and more extensive application and development in various fields.

CHQISTEX ePTFE membrane has features of micro fiber – node, smooth surface, chemical resistance, low friction force, low particle penetrates, hydrophobic, high air permeability, flame resistance etc. It can be used in dust collection and air filtration. The collection efficiency of CHQISTEX® ePTFE membrane can achieve 99.995%; low air resistance, long service life could save the cost of operation for the customers.

CHQISTEX® ePTFE membrane can be used in chemical industry, steel plant, power plant, cement plant, and waste incineration plant etc. for dust collection. It is also used in pharmaceuticals, food, power resource, fabric, biochemical, microelectronic and lab consumable items.

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