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HYSENEXTM IDC-11 color resin (indicator resin) is a strongly acidic cation exchange resin loaded with an indicator, its ex-factory type belongs to hydrogen. Not only can it be ions exchanged with cations In water, but also it can show the obvious color-changing property with the variation of its own ion. Sometimes IDC-11 color resin regeneration type (H-type) turns out to be brown yellow. It appears to be rose pink when it is disabled (Na-type). The color difference is very distinct.

IDC-11 color resin Is mainly applied in tne determination ottne conductivity of the hydrogen from effluent water through steam and condensate water refining mixed bed from thermal power plant. Color resin column is installed before the hydrogen conductivity meter. After the water sample passing through, the color resin is able to remove the free ammonia from the condensate water and transfer all the cations from water Into higher conductivity of tne hydrogen Ions so as to substantially enhance ion sensitivity from the monitoring water. Meanwhile, the resin appears to be rose pink when it is disabled, which obviously indicates its operating status of the exchange column.
Color resin matched with strongly basic anion resin such as IDC-26 type can be installed In a small- diameter transparent exchange column. The determination of regeneration time is based on the indication of color change in the disabled resin, it Is used in small-scale purity water system in food, pharmaceutical Industry and electronic device.

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