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- Model HYW2500P 2800psi - Petrol Pressure Washer



The Hyundai HYW2500P is part of the new series of portable, durable and reliable pressure washers. It is a petrol-driven unit, with the advantage of not having any restrictions in movement or location because of the lack of an electic power supply. A medium duty machine, designed working on anything up to what would be considered as large-scale domestic use.

The pump on this machine is a high quality Axial pump, designed to cope with the rigors of working duty that a lot of standard pumps could not live with. Like the larger HYW3000P, the HYW2500P is similar in size, design and specification. it uses the same durable 7.0hp IC210 engine. The build quality is extremely good and the washer itself has a detatchable handle that can be folded down over the machine to act an engine buffer for when the machine is in storage. In terms of design, it is a very well-thought out washer.

With a 2500psi continuous running pressure, which will top out at around 2800psi, this high force means that the cleaning capability of this washer is exceptional. Again like the HYW3000P, this model has a soap detergent tank, which can be filled with detergent fluid, but will only been drawn into the water stream when using the correct nozzle, meaning that not only is the HYW2500P a functional pressure washer, but a resourceful one as well.

As well as the standard 4-piece nozzle set, the pressure washer also comes with a turbo nozzle, rated to a maximum of 3000psi. This is a very effective tool for improving cleaning efficiency and helps to drive even more pressure from the end of the lance, and shorten the time it takes to clean by as much as 25%.

  • Medium-duty Axial pump for reliable and rugged use
  • A high flow rate of 8.75 litres of water per minute
  • Powerful 7.0hp Hyundai 4-stroke engine helping to produce a maximum output of 2800psi
  • Built-in detergent tank
  • Turbo nozzle for high-powered cleaning and quality finish
  • Rugged frame and solid, well-balanced wheel base
  • Thermal relief valve to help regulate the temperature of the pump

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