- Model TF-35 - Thermal Fogger



The IGEBA TF-35 is a lightweight and easily portable pulse jet thermal fogger capable of applying 11 gallons (42 Liters) of solution per hour. Use the TF-35 model to apply oil based formulations with the supplied fog tube. To apply water based solutions, purchase the optional water based fog tube for efficient application. Always read the operators manual before use.

  • Stainless steel fuel tank and formulation tank.
  • 4140 stainless steel expansion chamber & tube.
  • All other parts contacting solution are made of brass or Teflon.
  • Easiest starting pulse-jet fogger! Has stainless steel air pump assist.
  • Lightweight unit; weighs only 17.5 lbs/ 7,9 kg empty.
  • Optional 'W' Fog Tube makes it water based solution compatible.
  • Optional precision valve made just for the application of Fog Force Bird Repellent
  • Global ISO 9001 Certificate awarded to all IGEBA foggers.
  • Absolutely reliable ignition uses 4 'D' cell batteries - no spark plugs.
  • Convenient stainless steel drain at the bottom of solution tank.
  • Comes with: operators manual (book and CD), maintenance kit, 3 dosage nozzles, and more.

  • Weight Empty (lbs/kg): 17.5 / 7,5
  • Dimensions Inches: 54.3 x 10.6 x 13.3
  • Dimensions Cm: 137,5 x 27 x 34
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 1.5 G / 5,7 L
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.3 G / 1,2 L
  • Fuel Requirements: Unleaded Gasoline
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.5 G hr / 2 L hr
  • Max Flow Rate (Oil Base): 11 G hr / 42 L hr
  • Max Horizontal Reach (oil base): 300+ ft / 90+ m
  • Max Horizontal Reach (water): 130 ft / 40 m
  • Ignition Batteries: 4 'D' batteries.

  • Applying Fog Force Repellent; requires optional control valve.
  • Mosquito, gnat, fly and other flying insect control.
  • Disease control through insect, bacterial and fungal control.
  • Disinfecting of large areas, surfaces and objects.
  • Disinfection or treatment of poultry and livestock containment.
  • Mold & mildew control in commercial and residential applications.
  • Hydrate greenhouses, plant nurseries, gardens, etc
  • Special effects for the film & entertainment industry.
  • Training tool for military or law enforcement.
  • Applies oil base solutions with standard fog tube (included).
  • Applies water based solutions with optional 'W' tube.

  • IGEBA NOZ: Special dosage nozzle made just for the application of Fog Force Bird Repellent.
  • IGEBA WT: Optional fog tube allows the use of water based formulations.
  • IGEBA RPK35: Replacement part pack has all of the consumable parts you need to maintain your fogger.

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