Inclined (Sloped) Rotating Furnaces



These are big inclined (sloped) rotating furnaces with medium and big inner volume, with continuous loading by means of different loading systems, depending on the type of the waste, and are always fitted with automatic ash discharge; they are suited to burn municipal waste (MW or RSU), hospital waste in cardboard boxes or in plastic bags or drums (ROT), special industrial waste, hazard waste, biologic or industrial sludges; the furnace ROT can be furnished in two versions: equicurrent particularly suitable for high caloric content waste (high PCI waste) or countercurrent particularly suitable for low caloric content waste (municipal waste and low PCI waste). 

This type of furnace is suited for big municipalities and thermal destruction centers and is to be coupled to a turbogenerator for production of electric energy (green energy).  

This type of furnace is available in nr.13 models with increasing volume and capacity ranging from 5.5 m3 inner volume to 150 m3 (biggest unit).  

This type of furnace is normally to be coupled to a flue gas cleaning plant AFS and the emissions from the chimney are rendered lower than the emission limits allowed by the european norms CEE.  

The dimensioning of the furnace must be done each time by our technical departement and the sizing graphs below are attached only for preliminary evaluation.

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