- Model K - Fully Automatic Recycling System


The INTAREMA K gives 100 %. Because it turns your edge trim waste efficiently and cautiously into high quality, clean pellets which you can reuse in their entirety in your production process. This means you not only save considerable raw material and disposal costs, you also benefit from a rapid return on investment.

Fully automatic

  • Automatic feeding of edge trim direct via pipes and cyclone
  • Maximum flexibility: you can choose between a combination of feeding types via cyclone, roll feeder and conveyor belt for loose waste
  • Automatic throughput adjustment:
    • Whether you have a lot or only some edge trim at the time – the fully automatic control system constantly adjusts throughput to the current amount of edge trim
    • If no edge trim at all comes from the main line, the system automatically switches over to standby mode until new material arrives
  • Minimum labour required thanks to fully automatic operation

Top-quality end product

  • Improved material intake through Counter Current technology and very careful processing with a short extruder ensure outstanding material properties

  • Silo-compatible free-flowing pellets
  • Up to 100% of pellets returned to the production process

High capacities have never been as easy to achieve as with the new INTAREMA®. Counter Current technology makes it possible. Because the extruder handles more material in a shorter time. And this means for you: constant, top throughput within a considerably larger temperature range. For more productivity, flexibility and process stability.

  • Highest process stability through improved material intake ensures constantly high output over a considerably broader temperature range
  • Higher flexibility and operational reliability with a variety of materials
  • Increased throughputs with the same plant size for more productivity

Technical benefits

  • Fully automatic edge trim system including automatic throughput adjustment and standby mode
  • No pre-cutting of the edge trim necessary
  • Maximum flexibility: feeding possible via cyclone, roll feeder or conveyor belt
  • Short extruder ensures careful material processing with minimum thermomechanical stress
  • Enhanced material intake, greater flexibility and higher throughput rates thanks to Counter Current technology

Economic benefits

  • High-quality end product: up to 100 % of pellets returned to the production process
  • Minimum labour required thanks to fully automatic operation
  • Maximum user-friendliness thanks to intelligent Smart Start operating concept
  • Short amortisation period
  • Low production costs thanks to high energy efficiency: ecoSAVE® reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Minimum servicing and maintenance
  • Compact, space-saving design saves floor space

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