Mondragon Assembly, S. Coop.

Mondragon Assembly, S. Coop.

Interconnection System


Mondragon Assembly has the most advanced interconnection system on the market.

Provides soldering with high accuracy and repeatability, by means of state-of-the-art vision cameras and induction soldering, which prevents human error as well as avoiding the formation of hot spots in the panel. Includes automatic feeding, forming and ribbon loading options. Enables a process without operator.

  • Location of soldering point: Ribbon and tab alignment check included using high-resolution camera
  • Flux metering system: Contactless with pressure tank
  • Soldering: Induction, without contact or adding material. Prevents hot spots. Durable permanent soldering. Avoids tool wear.
  • Ribbon loading: Manual loading of ribbon on inspection table. Artificial vision check of ribbon position before soldering.
  • Ribbon retention: Constant pressure and non-conductive materials, which prevents short-circuits
  • Cooling Circuit.: Water closed circuit with cooler.
  • Process formulas: There are many possible combinations of parameters. On the configuration panel, different soldering and geometry parameters can be adjusted and selected
  • Loading and unloading.: Automatic, with conveyor belts
  • Change-over: Immediately by software used with the touch panel.
  • Compressed air supply: 5 bar, 30 NL/min

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