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- Physical Water Conditioner

The ScaleBuster is a physical water conditioner that inhibits scale and corrosion. The electrostatic device uses the dielectric characteristics of the special plastics and metallic materials of its construction combined with the hydraulic conditions present during operation to force the precipitation of solid crystals in the water. The ScaleBuster® may be used in a variety of residential, industrial, commercial and municipal applications, including point-of-entry end uses. Models: threaded 1/2'-2' or 15 to 50mm; flanged 2'-24' or 50 to 600mm

  • As water flows through, cavitation within the ION ScaleBuster chamber unit produces violent pressure changes that break up bicarbonate molecules, while zinc anode provides the necessary particle nuclei, and the dielectric produces static effects.
  • The galvanizing action of the ION ScaleBuster causes the breakdown of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates in the solution, (hardness in the water) which precipitate less soluble carbonates. In this process, the zinc anode serves as the sacrificial target in the treated water system and is dissolved at a very slow rate due to its patented dry (< 1,000 millivolts) electrical connection. Corrosion only takes place on the anode and not in the protected pipes or other elements.
  • As a result, the treated water becomes less saturated and is able to dissolve existing deposits over time.
  • The combination of these effects is repeated many times. Once the salts are precipitated or removed, this action improves the flow and overall efficacy and efficiency of the piping system.

Equipment Damage, Energy Loss, & Increased Maintenance

The formation of scale and corrosion on equipment surfaces restricts water flow, clogs equipment and reduces system efficiency. The results can be costly — increased energy consumption, greater downtime, additional maintenance and reduced equipment life.

Energy Savings

Because the ION ScaleBuster removes existing scale buildup on pipework, valves, heating elements including hot water heaters, electrical heating elements, industrial heat exchangers, hot water pipes and tanks, less energy is required to heat the water.

Clears Existing Scale Deposits

The galvanic effect of the ION ScaleBuster provides a reducing effect on corrosion sites. By precipitating hardness, the treated water becomes less saturated and, therefore, is able to dissolve old deposits over a period of time.

The time taken will depend on several factors—the thickness of scale deposits and the distance of effected area from the installed ION ScaleBuster. The volume of water passing through ION ScaleBuster will determine the length of time taken to clean scale and corrosion deposits from the system. However, once installed, a ScaleBuster unit will commence its job immediately provided that a water flow is still possible.

A Better Solution to Scale & Corrosion

Based on the unique advantages our innovative technology, ION ScaleBuster has become the choice of major firms and municipalities around the world for corrosion and scale removal in pipeworks and equipment.

  • Proven worldwide for over 20 years
  • Significant installed base of 300,000+ units
  • Zero operating costs - requires no chemicals, magnets or electricity
  • Decreases resistance in piping – reducing energy required for pumping
  • Coagulates suspended particles in water to enhance filtration efficiency
  • Maximizes the efficiency of heating elements
  • Minimizes downtime and maintenance
  • Extends operational life of metal piping and equipment
  • Safe, chemical-free operation—no special handling or storage requirements
  • Long-acting treatment
  • Low internal flow resistance
  • Less dependent on flow conditions than magnetic-based systems
  • Certified for potable water by W.R.A.S (UK), ACS (France), TUV GS (Europe), NSF (USA; approval pending)
  • Installation flexibility – compact design simplifies retrofits
  • Minimal maintenance – no mechanical moving parts to be replaced

A Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Process

Unlike systems that use harsh chemicals to dissolve scale and corrosion and contribute toxic pollutants to groundwater, the ION ScaleBuster works without chemicals. Instead, it employs an electrostatic process that is planet-friendly. This reduces energy and water consumption, while reducing or, in certain cases, eliminating toxic water discharge.

Chemical-Free Flocculant

The patented construction of its PTFE (Teflon®) turbulence and zinc anode chambers alters the static balance within the unit. This neutralizes charged particles, causing them to flocculate, or form large clump particles that are slower to re-dissolve in the water.

In normal “straight flow” systems, the flocculate particles of scale remain harmlessly in the flow of the water and are unable to adhere to the pipe surfaces. In re-circulating systems – or those that contain settlement areas – filtration or flushing is commonly used to remove these treatment by-products.

Corrosion is now under control and further damage to the system and associated equipment is prevented.

Laser Particle Analysis

Sophisticated laser particle analysis was used in the development of the ION ScaleBuster to determine the optimal precipitate size. The large particles produced are much slower to re-dissolve in the water, extending its beneficial treatment effects.

Patented Zinc Anode Construction

The ION ScaleBusteris constructed using a unique combination of zinc, alloy and non-stick PTFE (Teflon®), which will not lead to corrosion or blockage within the device.

Stainless steel, when immersed in water, suffers from crevice and pitting corrosion due to the chloride ions found in water. The ION ScaleBusterdoes not use any stainless steel in the construction of its cavitation chambers.

Proven Efficacy of Zinc

Zinc’s value as a sacrificial anode is well documented. It is commonly used for corrosion protection to lengthen the lifespan of steel construction, vehicles, bridges, and buildings. The sacrificial zinc anode within theION ScaleBusterallows microscopic amounts of zinc ions to permeate the water. This not only enhances the nucleation effects, but also provides protection from corrosion to the pipework itself.

Sacrificial zinc anodes have long been used to protect ship hulls and rudders, outboard motors and bridges from corrosion.ION ScaleBusterputs that same proven approach to work – with multiple zinc elements (left) within its chamber to help protect your water lines and equipment.


An Extensive Range of Sizes & Flow Rates

ION ScaleBuster technology is available in numerous sizes to cover a wide range of flow rates. Our models are equiped with both European (E) and North American (U) connections to address virtually any piping or equipment configuration. The durable construction of ScaleBuster units allows them to provide years of reliable service inhibiting corrosion and scale without power, magnets, chemicals or maintenance.

ScaleBuster units are available with threaded connections (T), flanged connections (F) and compression fittings (CF). They have been rigorously tested and certified to the high standards of the following organizations.


How To Properly Install Your ScaleBuster

The Water 

An analysis of the water should preferably be submitted when proposing to use theION ScaleBusterwith industrial or well water. The use of theScaleBusterwith water at a temperature over 140°F (60°C) is not always desirable. Please consult your distributor if you intend to install the ScaleBuster in a system of piping with water temperatures over 140°F (60°C) or where the values of the ‘drinking water directive’ (TVO-conductivity and/or pH values) are exceeded. There should be no significant variation in the water quality or operating conditions during usage.

The ION ScaleBuster

TheION ScaleBusteris physical device for inline installations only and must be kept wet once usage commences.

The pressure drop with proper use of theScaleBusteris minimal. It should be noted that the flow rate of the chosen ScaleBuster should be at or above the nominal flow rate of the connected water system but below maximum flow rate as noted on the specification of the specific model. Due to the symmetrical construction of theScaleBuster, the direction of the water flow can be from either end of the device. The model and size ofScaleBusterto be selected should be determined by the maximum flow rate demand in the system of installation. In residential, the size of the water meter will typically determine the size of theScaleBuster.


It is recommended that a company specialising in this field should install the ScaleBuster. Depending on the length and model of the device selected, a section of the piping should be removed, two compatible coupling connections installed properly and then the ScaleBuster installed.

The ScaleBuster should be installed preferably vertically and upstream of a filter, if present, or the pressure booster station.

When installing the ScaleBuster in a stainless, black or galvanized steel or copper piping system the device must be electrically bridged using suitable bonding wire. When installing the ScaleBuster in a plastic piping system pieces of piping of a metallic nature at least the length of the ScaleBuster must be inserted into the pipeline before and after the ION ScaleBuster. In these cases a grounding wire must be connected to a physical grounding point.

The ScaleBuster should be installed as close as possible to the individual pieces of equipment to ensure their protection (e.g. heat exchangers, pumps etc.).


During installation in a copper piping system the ION ScaleBuster must not be exposed to the heat from soldering. The ScaleBuster must not be levered or turned against the screw joint ends or flange couplings. Pipe wrench or spanners should only be used on the couplings and never on the ScaleBuster itself. The ScaleBuster must be installed with zero potential (good grounding).

Central Warm Water Processing with a Circular Flow System

If the heating equipment, which is being protected by ION ScaleBuster, also contains a warm water circulation loop, an additional ScaleBuster, should be incorporated in the pipe work of the loop to provide protection against scale and corrosion. This ensures efficient after-treatment and enables the whole system to be protected. In case the system has multiple loops, each and every one should be equipped with one ScaleBuster.

Additional Information about the Flanges ION ScaleBuster
(all E models above DN50 or U models above 2”)

To ensure the correct installation of the flanged device, only proper standard flange seals (DN for ION ScaleBuster E models, ASME/ANSI gaskets for ION ScaleBuster U models) should be used. If the gaskets are damaged or lost during installation, new proper standard gaskets should be obtained. Further, the bolts must be secured using washers with spring rings (supplied). If these requirements are disregarded, the guarantee of the device in connection with the warranties will be null and void.

The flanged devices have indicator strips between the device and the flange. The warranty becomes void if one or both of the strips are damaged either through rotation of the flange thus causing leaks or due to levering or some similar activity. Under no circumstances should the ScaleBuster be pulled apart using attachment bolts to make the device fit!


If a fine filter is present then the ION ScaleBuster should always be installed downstream of the fine filter – even in a circulation flow system. It is recommended that a fine filter should be installed upstream of the ScaleBuster if there are problems with debris due to bad corrosion etc.

Electrical Earth Bonding

Electrical earth bonding (grounding) is essential to enhance the performance of ION ScaleBuster in addition to providing a safe continuity of earth bonding for other purposes. When plastic pipes are used be sure to bond the actual ScaleBuster to a grounding point (earth) and be aware that the lacquer/nickel plated finish may be required to be pierced to achieve an effective earth (ground). See Schematics for guidance on grounding.

For a successful Installation of the ION ScaleBuster 

  1. If in doubt use a qualified installer (Check with your local ScaleBuster distributor).
  2. Install with the correct flanges and gaskets for the particular installation.
  3. Care must be taken to ensure that connecting joints requiring applied heat (Welding/soldering) must not be used in the vicinity of the ScaleBuster because the conducted heat will damage the unit’s interior, causing possible failure of the ION ScaleBuster.
  4. Check the orientation of the installation flanges on the pipeline is correct so as not to cause Radial Displacement of the flanges or other stresses.
  5. The water pressure must not be above the Max. Pressure on the ScaleBuster label (i.e., Threaded units: 145 psi (U models), 10 bar (E models); Flanged units: 150 psi or 300 psi (U models), 16 bar or 40 bar (E models). If in doubt check with your ScaleBuster distributor.
  6. The temperature of the water should not be higher than 140°F (60°C) for optimum performance.
  7. ScaleBuster will work slightly more efficiently when installed vertically.
  8. Always earth / earth bridge across the ScaleBuster making sure a good earth (ground) connection is achieved.
  9. ScaleBuster is designed for the use with potable water as well as industrial purposes.
  10. Ion ScaleBuster is best installed in the cold water feed supply lines. In certain instances, such as central heating, hot water returns and cooling towers, ScaleBuster should be installed in the cool end of the recirculating system, if possible.
  11. Check that you have a genuine ION ScaleBuster – it should carry the ISB Hologram on the label.
  12. Register your new ScaleBuster with the serial number (see label), invoice number and date on The warranty becomes void if you fail to register within 30 days from the date of the invoice.


Only genuine ScaleBuster units feature this special hologram on their label. Don’t settle for an imitation.


                 How does it work?






The ScaleBuster® is a physical water conditioner that inhibits scale and corrosion. The electrostatic device uses the dielectric characteristics of the special plastics and metallic materials of its construction combined with the hydraulic conditions present during operation to force the precipitation of solid crystals in the water. The ScaleBuster® may be used in a variety of residential, industrial, commercial and municipal applications, including point-of-entry end uses.




      Rather than preventing precipitation of salts, our proprietary device which is a physical conditioner works using a proprietary mechanism which forces the precipitation of these salts.




      Crystals nucleate with non-binding geometry pass through a system with minimal adhesion to the surfaces.




      In a multi-pass system, the particles build on each other with each pass through the conditioner until they are large enough to be either removed via a hydro-cyclone separator or other filtration methods.




      Once the salts are precipitated and/or removed, they present a significantly lower danger of reducing efficiencies.




      Water becomes more aggressive (under saturated) and gently “eats” existing lime scale as water is a perfect solute.