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- Model WST6000HS - Weather Sensor



The weather sensor WST6000HS is a powerful instrument measuring the weather conditions.

This intelligent and sturdy device measures in a permanent way : 

  • the wind speed
  • the wind direction
  • the ambient air temperature
  • the atmospheric pressure
  • the relative humidity
  • calculation of dew point 

The high precision weather sensor WST6000HS answers quickly the variations of wind and measures from the slightest breath. The measurements provided by the weather station are transmitted by a RS-485 serial link. This weather sensor supports shocks and vibrations. It does not requiring any particular maintenance. It is robust, compact, automatic and without any moving parts.

The WST6000HS is perfectly adapted to rigorous climates and can be equipped with a protection system against frost and icing (as option). Its performances are not affected by heat, snow or rain.

The installation of this compact weather sensor is easy, thanks to the integrated mast adapter for mast Ø 50mm

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