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- Model EPI/Hx - Moisture in Ammonia Analyzer



CIC Photonics, Inc. is dedicated to providing today's growing industries with the highest sensitivity and fastest time response instrumentation. Our analyzers arc used worldwide in a variety of different arenas, and although CIC Photonics has a set of core systems, we pride ourselves on truly meeting the needs of our customers by adapting the core analyzers to their specifications.

Our IRGAS EPI/Hx incorporates a rugged FTIR spectrometer with a heated stainless steel 9.6 meter Ranger-EN long path gas cell. This combination produces an analyzer that can handle some of the most demanding moisture impurity applications, while still providing high energy throughputs of 36-48 %. The IRGAS EPI/Hx is ideal for applications requiring limits of detection (LOD) of moisture in the 5-10 ppb range in NH3 and other YHX species such as PH3, AsH3, GeH4, SiH4, etc... To ensure this LOD the gas cell and optical couplers are encased in a permeation box that prohibits the amount of atmospheric moisture that can permeate and condensate in the gas cell and couplers by being sealed with rubber gaskets around all the edges. In addition to the permeation box, the system is also supplied with a nitrogen purifier to reduce the amount of moisture entering the gas cell during purging.

The IRGAS EPI/Hx uses a ABB Bomem WorkIR (FTPA 2000) spectrometer equipped with a TE-Cooled InAs detector. This detector is ideal for moisture analysis because of its high sensitivity and its wavenumber range of 3000-7000 cm1.

Included with the IRGAS EPI/Hx is CIC Photonics patented SPGAS/SpcctraStrcam analytical software package. This package does everything from concentration tracking and hardware managing to allowing the user to recalculate previously collected data within minutes.

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