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- PVC Tensioned Roof


The ISS PVC tensioned roof is a perfect way to cover new and existing tanks. The PVC tensioned roof can be used to cover up round and even square concrete, prefab steel tanks like the glass coated/epoxy coated tanks and the stainless steel tanks. The dimensions from the tensioned roof are from very small 2,5 meters diameter up to the largest diameter of 60 meters, all depending on snow loads, wind speed and earth quake. The support from the roof can be made from stainless steel and/or hard wooden centre columns. Manholes’ can be placed from several dimensions for inspection or mixer openings.

Also tanks who are square or who have a walkway bridge in the middle can be covered with the PVC tensioned cover. we call them the divided pvc tensioned roofs.

For biogas tanks the single PVC tensioned roofs can be placed on digesting tanks with low pressures. The condensation flap will be made longer and fastened against the inside tankwall.

The PVC tensioned cover foil will always be made from a foil around 900 gr/m². and some of the foils are reinforced and have the KIWA certificate. The PVC tensioned cover foils are a good UV-resistance and have a long lifetime, and are flexible at lower and higher temperatures. A lot of the foils are very good chemical resistance. All materials who are in contact with the gas or liquid are made from stainless steel, only the Volan tube is standard galvanised. The roofs have a pitch from 17 to 20°

The edge from the tank will be covered with protection foil to avoid that sharp edges will damage the cover foil. Than the centre column will be placed in the middle of the tank, and fastened with long tensioned bands.The roof will be pulled up with the crane and the centre disk from the roof (where all tensioned bands are coming together) will be placed on the centre column. The roof will be unrolled both sides of the tank. Than the galvanised tube will be placed in the Volan. The PVC tensioned roof will be pulled over the edge and tightened fast with tensioned straps.

After installation the PVC tensioned roof is a high quality, economic interesting and fast solution to cover your tank.

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