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- Model SSDA - Micro Dosing System



SSDA is intended for cyclical or continual injection of sorbent/additives in flue gases. This can include heavy metals, dioxines or the neutralisation of acid gases in flue gases e.g. separation of mercury and dioxines in a crematorium or a facility for hazardous waste. In the flue gas duct in the vicinity of e.g. a contactor or a filter the sorbent is injected, where it mixes with the flue gas through a diffuser so that a homogenous mixture of flue gas and sorbent is achieved.

Another area of use is to inject additive materials to eliminate clogging of filters with fatty dust e.g. oily smoke produced when welding oil-covered goods. The dosing system includes a sorbent bin, feeder and a rotary air lock as well as a pneumatic transport ejector with a transport line and diffusion fixture.

The Micro dosing system has the following advantages:

  • it is ventilated with dust-free refilling
  • it is compact and takes up little space
  • it is easy to install since it comes ready-to-use for direct connection
  • it is operationally secure - easy to maintain and requires minimal supervision
  • it has been tested for more than 10 years
  • it can, with accessories, optimize the operation of the filter

Control of the injection is done by the added-on control system which is based on our controlling computer, CPFA, developed at ITK Envifront . The CPFA is equipped with a communications protocol which enables full control from the superior system. By using the additional components and software, the control system can also control and optimize the cleaning of the filter. The filter system can be connected to and communicate with a superior PLC and a surveillance PC-system. All main parametres can be set by the PC-system and alarm lists can be read.

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