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- Water Leak Detection Sensors



High-quality UK-manufactured sensors. Simple to install – lay the cable where protection is required and connect to your chosen monitoring solution via a 2-pin dry-contact connection. Custom-made to suit your requirements – choose leak detection cable length (up to 30m), interface cable length and connection type. Fully reusable – simply wipe down with a clean, dry cloth after contact with liquids.

Water Leak Detection in Critical Environments is an Absolute Necessity – in Data Centres, Server Rooms, Offices and Beyond!

Two solution options are available:

  • Universal Water Detection Sensor
  • Water Leak Detection with Remote Monitoring & Alerting

Other sensors available include:

  • Temperature, Humidity, Power, Security, Smoke, Airflow

  • Easy-to-install and configure
  • 2-year swap-out warranty
  • Compatible with all Jacarta devices
  • Custom sensor interface cable lengths available

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