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- Dredging Pontoons for Ponds and Lagoon



In lagoon and in some lacs and ponds, the organic sludge settle in the bottom reducing the volume of the water ponds. More important, when this sludge is not stabilised it will create odours and process perturbation due to anaerobic sludge.. Anaerobic decay produces toxic gas which will come some or later in the atmosphere. The methane gas has a very negative effect on greenhouse gas…that humanity try to reduce for avoiding climate change. Anaerobic sludge degrades water quality and if nothing is done the water purification won’t work optimum and create many health issues. It’s time to move!

  • For having clear water, oxygen is required. Anaerobic sludge has a negative effect. Therefore settling sludge must be removed from the ponds. How to proceed?
  • The classic way consists to empty the lagoon or lac and to come with powerfull motorized shovel. With those tools the sludge is removed. This technology is efficient but consumes a lot of energy, require empting the lagoon and will destroy the biodiversity or the aquatic live….Further there is a risk to destroy the geo-membrane or liner layer in the bottom..
  • KAMPS dredging pontons « DRAG’OON » brings a nice solution for doing this job on a non-invasive way.
  • The DRAG’OON dredging pontons is a floating structure with its own electricity for the equipment.
  • The main equipment are water wheel impellers and a double flow pump or hydraulic dredging pump.
  • The double flow pumps are used to lift up sand and organic sludge.
  • The propulsion with low speed impellers gives the DRAG’OON a high manoeuvrability and during the operation oxygen will be transfer to the water.
  • Many options are possible depending on customer application as for example the dewatering device.
  • KAMPS also delivers floating pipe, floating pump station and other solution.
  • The DRAG’OON works soft with less people, less energy and remove the sludge on regular basis as it need to be done for higher water quality.

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