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- Model KeeGuard Skylight - Fall Protection for Metal Roof



Skylights present a danger for any individual on the rooftop. OSHA considers skylights to be the equivalent of a hole in the roof. OSHA standard 1910.23(a)(4) says, “Every skylight floor opening and hole shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or a fixed standard railing on all exposed sides.”

Kee Safety has developed a skylight screen to exceed OSHA standards, (i.e. screen will withstand a load of at least 200 pounds applied perpendicularly at any one area on the screen.) The unique construction and mounting design allow the KeeGuard Skylight Screen to be attached without penetration of the roof or the skylight, maintaining the integrity of the roof and the skylight to further satisfy 1910.23(e)(8). 'Protecting the skylight must not cause the skylight to break'.

Cal-OSHA requires a stricter 400 lb. loading requirement in which case Kee Safety have suitable models available, click HERE to read more about the Cal-OSHA requirements.

Skylight Screens are available in galvanized or stainless steel for Curb Style skylight installations, Standing Seam metal roof skylights, and for Rib/Corrugated metal roof skylights.

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