Kee Safety, Inc.

- Model KeeLine - Safety Solution for Horizontal Life Lines for Roofs



KEELINE for Roofs combines the stainless steel life line system with steel roof anchor assemblies. The design of the roof anchors in conjunction with the efficient in-line shock absorbers mean that the system can be top fixed to many modern roof constructions including trapezoidal metal profile roofs, both built up and composite, standing seam roofs and membrane roofs. KEELINE for Roofs has been designed and certified as a complete system. To simplify specification only two base plate types are required dependant on the roof type. To minimise damage to the roof surface and to provide a safe, slip resistant level walking surface KEELINE for Roofs can be used in conjunction with KEE WALK.

Metal roof base plates have multiple fixing centres to suit a wide range of roof profiles.

To fix to metal profile roofs, high strength rivets and sealing strip allows the anchors to be fitted with minimal penetration whilst maintaining the roofs integrity.

Standing seam roofs require no penetration whatsoever utilising the patented S5 clamp.

Membrane roof base plates allow KEELINE for Roofs anchors to be top fixed to suitable metal or concrete deck roofs.

The fixing holes are recessed so the fastener head sits flush with the base plate.

It is quickly waterproofed using a ‘patch’ of the original roof membrane, the upright post remains uncovered to aid easy inspection and to minimise damage to the membrane in the event of a fall and so stop water ingress

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