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- H2S-Guard Odour And Corrosion Control



Monitors, controls and protects against odour and corrosion. The Kemira H2S-Guard solution presents instant information on current levels of hydrogen sulphide H2S, providing a clear view of the situation in the sewer network and how critical parameters change over time. The H2S-Guard provides automatic dosing of water treatment chemicals.

Several chemical compounds lead to odour issues in sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants – one of the worst being hydrogen sulphide, H2S, with its intense smell. This is an exceedingly unpleasant and highly poisonous gas, constituting a health and safety hazard for personnel, residents – and it also leads to corrosion of concrete pipes. In addition, damaged sewage systems cause huge maintenance costs and endanger the drinking water supply. More and more problems with bad smells in the neighborhood of sewage systems come into sight. People don’t accept this situation and declare their rights living in an environment without foul odour.


The H2S-Guard solution includes installation of equipment for measurement of H2S, supply of chemicals, knowhow and training, managing future maintenance and calibration to enable the customer to keep overview and control of the operations. As the whole control process can be supervised, it will give an instant overview of the hydrogen sulphide situation in the sewage network in real-time. To be able to diagnose the generation of H2S – and take necessary steps to prevent it – requires an in-depth knowledge in the field of odour and corrosion control. It is essential to have the capability of preventing the formation of H2S, as well as curing it, when it has occurred, skills available at Kemira Water.

To prevent and cure from hydrogen sulphide the Kemira H2S-Guard solution includes:

  • Special equipment
  • Measure, monitor & control H2S
  • Automatic dosing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance & calibration

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