Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG

- Model N702-INOX - Absolute Inclination Transmitter



The KINAX N702-INOX is a very robust, absolute inclination transmitter which is ideal due to its high mechanical strength and the hermetically sealed stainless-steel housing particularly suited for use in harsh environments. It offers a high protection to aggressive media such as sea water and detergent. The very simple assembly by the synchro or mounting plate, the highly flexible 5-pole control line, the free parameterisation via the control line offers maximum installation flexibility.


The KINAX N702-INOX Series of Tilt Sensor, manufactured by Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG, is specifically designed for robust heavy-duty utilization. This device is configured as a high robust and absolute inclination transmitter. It is mainly suitable for hostile areas applications.

Moreover, this tool is made from sealed stainless-steel enclosure design and has an intense mechanical strength to generate more efficiently, and offers high installation versatility.

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